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Lake Norman Waterfront Homes in Denver, NC

Lake Norman Luxury Waterfront Home with outdoor pool in Denver, NC.
Owning a luxury lakefront home is a dream for many because it allows you to experience nature at its finest every day. For prospective property buyers, living in a lakefront property offers a peaceful environment to start a family and raise kids. If you’re looking into lakefront realty, Denver is one of the top locations to consider. Denver, North Carolina is one of the prime locations to look into listings of luxury lakefront homes. Situated in Lincoln County, it has a population of 3,261 as of the 2020 census by World Population Review. This small town doesn’t lack in any way, however. With natural beauties such as Lake Norman and a thriving community, it has been a choice travel getaway for state residents. So what is the natural environment in Denver like and why is it a choice location to live, relocate, and settle in? Cool Climate. The climate in Denver, North Carolina is generally sunny with an average of 214 sunny days a year with precipitation of 101 days a year. Moreover, it rains more than it snows in Denver, with just an inch of snow a year versus 38 inches of rain. January is the coldest month at 29°F versus 89°F in July as the warmest month. You won’t be having scorching hot summers and will be enjoying a mostly cool climate year-round. Lush Greens. Denver is rich in lush greens, with trees such as Baccharis, Hornbeam, Ironwood, and Tuliptree. There are also Christmas tree farms near Denver where Fraser Firs and Virginia Pines are grown. If you didn’t know yet, there are about 50 million Fraser Firs throughout North Carolina grown on mountaintops and across 25,000 acres of land. About 90% of these trees are grown and bought as Christmas trees. Trees do all the work for cooling our environment and living in Denver or anywhere in North Carolina allows you to enjoy this environmental benefit. Lake Norman. A tourist destination, Lake Norman is the highlight of the region spanning 520 miles of shoreline. It is surrounded by four counties: Lincoln, Catawba, Mecklenburg, and Iredell. With its beauty, you wouldn’t know that Lake Norman is manmade for the purpose of sourcing it for hydropower. Regardless, it is easily one of the country’s most beautiful lakes, with foresters planting over 1,400 trees around Lake Norman every year. Apart from the greenery, foresters are also in charge of taking care of parts of the lake and stocking the water with fish. If you’re eco-conscious and want to live where the environment is being taken care of, then Denver in North Carolina is one of the best options for you.

Waterfront Homes: Lakefront versus Oceanfront

Still not convinced? Luxury lakefront homes are rare and differ from other waterfront properties such as luxury oceanfront homes. In terms of price and cost of living, oceanfront homes are generally more expensive and not necessarily for all good reasons. Here are a few points on why a lake house is a better option than a beach house:
  • A hidden gem – More tourists are avid beachgoers given that beaches are also more accessible. But for this reason, living on the beachfront means having more people and more traffic — especially during summer. With lake houses being more discrete and tucked in, you will have more privacy and quiet no matter what time of year. Luxury lakefront homes are situated in private and gated communities, so you can rest assured of your privacy and security.
  • Warm to cold climate – Living in a beach town means a hotter and sunnier climate while living near a lake means you get to experience more cold seasons without sacrificing a great summer. For property buyers, colder climates add to the coziness of their home and lifestyle. The summers aren’t arid and the rest of the year is cold but comfortable and inviting.
  • A lush environment – Living in a lake house means being surrounded by more trees and cooler winds and waters. There’s no sand for you to walk on, but there’s definitely a generous amount of grass. With plenty of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants surrounding you, you get to feel cooler temperatures. And, you get to drastically improve the quality of the air that you breathe. All that fresh air will contribute to good health.
  • Your own dock – Having a lake house is synonymous with having your own private dock where you can watch the sunrise and the sunset. If you own a private waterfront property, you can install a rope swing nearby for cliff jumping and diving. If you have a family with children and teens, they will surely love this feature.
  • More family-friendly – Waterfront living in luxury lakefront communities is quite different from oceanfront homes. The area is more rural, less populated, and there are more families with children. The nightlife isn’t as loud or huge as it is on a beachfront. Denver is definitely a serene community if you want a more quiet lifestyle.

Lakehouse Living in Denver

Real estate agents would tell property buyers the many advantages of buying luxury properties near or around lakes. There’s just a different kind of serenity you experience with a lakefront property, not to mention the lifestyle it offers. If you are in search of a luxury property listing that has it all, you just might find it in Denver: Rest and Relaxation. Every day feels like a vacation when you own lakefront property. Living among nature is quite a privilege. Just imagine waking up to a beautiful landscape every day. There are many health benefits of being surrounded by lush greens and blue waters, such as boosting your mood and preventing stress. The natural environment is in stark contrast with city life, and if you’re looking for a serene getaway, then Denver is the place for you. A Close-Knit Community. Denver’s small-town charm is unlike any other. While small in population, this lovely community has everything you need, so don’t think that you’d have to go far out for dining, shopping, or events. If you’re missing city life, Charlotte is just a quick commute. In fact, plenty of Denver residents work in Charlotte. Living in Denver helps you strike the perfect balance between a peaceful environment and city life. Outdoor Leisure. With Denver’s nice weather, you won’t be able to help but spend time outdoors. With the beautiful natural environment, you can go hiking, biking, and play outdoor sports on any day you prefer. If you’re planning on incorporating more sports activities to build a healthier lifestyle, Denver is a great community to do so. Watersports. For families who love watersports, this is something that you can enjoy more often. Fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and swimming are just some of the main activities you can do. In Lake Norman’s fresh water, you can catch different types of fish such as bluegill, yellow perch, and white bass. Watersports would be great weekend activities to do with your family and will serve as fun outdoor activities when you have some guests over. Local Events. Lake Norman is a hub for annual events such as the Arts Month in April, Loch Norman Highland Games to celebrate Scottish culture, and the North Carolina Brewers & Music Festival. There is also the Sheepdog Trials & Harry Pawter Quidditch Tournament, Renaissance Festival, and Joe Gibbs Racing Fan Fest. With many community events happening year-round, there is much to look forward to. Other events include holiday celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, and Christmas. World-Class Amenities. First-class amenities come with the total package of buying luxury realty. In and around Denver, there are golf and country clubs that have state-of-the-art facilities for wellness and fitness, sports like tennis and swimming, as well as restaurants. Real estate agents highlight this as one of the main features of the lifestyle in Denver, for property buyers looking to have several avenues for leisure and relaxation. A Valuable Investment. Luxury lakefront homes are rare and tend to increase their value over time compared to other types of luxury real estate. If you’re looking into investment realty, you may consider buying it as a second family home or a vacation home and listing it for rent for most of the year. Ask your realtor about the process of buying a second family home and renting out a luxury lakefront property, as the IRS may qualify you for a home mortgage interest deduction. Tourist spots around North Carolina. If you love to travel, you don’t have to search far and wide to explore. North Carolina is rich in natural landscapes and bodies of water that are must-sees for tourists and residents. Go on an adventure with family and friends in some of the most beautiful tourist spots throughout the state:
  • Hanging Rock State Park – Hanging Rock features 18 miles of hiking trails for beginner to advanced hikers. The area is known for its quartzite formations; Hanging Rock itself is made out of quartzite, as well as the famous Devil’s Chimney. If you are in the mood for swimming or other water activities, Hanging Rock also has access to a lake for fishing and canoeing. The area has cabins, picnic, and campgrounds for travelers who want to stay overnight.
  • Outer Banks – North Carolina isn’t just all about the lakes. Outer Banks or OBX as called by the locals is a 200-mile string of barrier islands bordering the state coastline. Outer Banks is home to Roanoke Island, historically known as the “lost colony”. Apart from the beach, Outer Banks is popular for its wandering wild horses. Further down south of the Outer Banks is Cape Hatteras.
  • Cape Hatteras – Cape Hatteras is the state’s first coastal preservation area. It is known for the beach and its wildlife, where you can see rare types of birds such as the American Oystercatcher and different types of sea turtles, including the endangered loggerhead species. Cape Hatteras is also known for its lighthouses; the Cape Hatteras Light Station was first built in 1803 and the Bodie Island Station built in 1872. Built in 1823, there is also the Ocracoke Light where rare Ocracoke Ponies roam.
  • Blue Ridge Parkway – Also called “America’s Favorite Drive”, this 469-mile drive is beloved among bicyclists and motorists for its seemingly boundless scenery. Designed by landscape architect Stanley Abott, Blue Ridge Parkway connects to miles of hiking trails that lead to picnic and campgrounds. Blue Ridge Parkway ultimately takes you to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and offers a breathtaking vista year-round. The view gets even better in November when the rhododendrons and azaleas are blazing in full color.
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park – This national park is one of the most visited in the United States, as it is only a short drive from most East Coast cities. Known for its abundant wildlife and lush scenery, tourists have the chance to see black bears, deers, foxes, and elks roaming around. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park features 850 miles of hiking trails and several waterfalls.
  • Linville Gorge and Falls – Also called the Grand Canyon of the East, Linville Gorge and Falls is one of the deepest gorges in the United States. Here, the Linville River connects to the Linville Falls, which drops at 90 feet and continues for 12 miles. Located in the Pisgah National Forest, tourists can also visit the Duggers Creek Falls and Crabtree Falls and see views of Table Rock Mountain and Hawksbill Mountain.

Working with a Denver, NC Realtor

Buying a luxury home is a big investment, that is why working with a Denver, NC realtor is key. A Certified Luxury Home Specialist (CLHMS™) is the ideal person to work with because of their specialization and their luxury real estate expertise. You would need someone who is familiar with North Carolina’s luxury real estate market and who can show you properties that fit your lifestyle and budget. Consult with a realtor who can be your guide in everything you need to know about a certain property listing prior to closing the deal. It may even be helpful to talk to a few real estate agents at the beginning of your search so you can consult with someone who would understand your needs the most. This will also be helpful to ensure you find the best lakefront properties available, not just in Denver, but in nearby communities as well. Other waterfront properties worth looking into are located in Sherrills Ford, Mooresville, Huntersville, Davidson, and Cornelius. All these communities are around Lake Norman, with Cornelius and Huntersville on the east, and Denver and Sherrills Ford on the west of Lake Norman. Locals claim that the west side is the “quiet side” versus the east side which has “more action”. The west side does have its neighborhoods more spread out compared to the east, which has the bigger share of dining and shopping centers

Buying Your Luxury Lakefront Home

Denver is definitely a place to consider if you’re looking to invest in luxury lakefront homes or even if you simply just love lakes and are looking for a quiet place to settle in. With the many advantages of living in Denver, it’s no wonder that the demand for real estate here is quite high, so getting ready to buy is important. Get into planning, look into financing, and take note of property features that you want in your next home. You might even prefer to buy a vacant lot and build your dream home from the ground up, or go for a remodel if that works for you. Here are some final tips before you close the deal:
  • Learn about the property history from ownership to construction. A good realtor will be able to tell you everything about the property so there are no surprises down the line.
  • Conduct a professional home inspection to make sure everything is in great shape and that you get your money’s worth. This is also an opportunity to check the property for yourself and identify anything you want to work on in terms of remodeling or upgrading.
  • Get familiarized with your responsibilities as a waterfront property owner. Remember that it is important to follow the required upkeep and maintenance guidelines in your community and to not just take care of your future home, but your environment too.
  • Look into home insurance early. Owning a luxury lakefront property would entail a higher cost for insurance considering the surrounding water and weather. Some types of insurance have a wide coverage that includes wind, flood, and general hazards.

Your Home in Denver, NC

Get started in your search for luxury lakefront homes in Denver and the nearby areas. Contact a Denver, NC realtor who is knowledgeable about the real estate market to help you find the best lakefront properties for sale. Christopher Sheridan and Lauren Sheridan of The Christopher Lauren Group are committed to excellence and you can trust that they will assist you every step of the way as you find your dream home. Contact us at 704.299.8296 or send us an email at christopherlaurengroup(at)gmail(dotted)com to begin your search.