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Buying Your First Home In Sherrills Ford, NC

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Buying your first home is always an exciting journey. It could be the result of your hard work and the start of a new chapter in your life. It’s even more memorable if you’re doing it in the place you’ve always wanted to live in. And in this case, that’s the picture-perfect lake community of Sherrills Ford.

You’re in the right direction! But if you need a little push, continue reading to learn why it’s a great thing you’re buying your first home here in Sherrills Ford, NC.

What’s inside:
  • The perks of buying your first home in Sherrills Ford
  • How to buy your first home in Sherrills Ford, NC
  • The importance of location
  • Enjoying the benefits of being a homeowner

The perks of buying your first home in Sherrills Ford

Homes for sale in Sherrills Ford, NC offer the perfect blend of suburban and urban living, making any of these properties an excellent place to put down roots. More than that, you’ll get to enjoy the peace and quiet of small-town living.

Below are a few other benefits to settling down in Sherrills Ford.

The location is fantastic

Sherrills Ford— named after Adam Sherrill, one of the town’s first European settlers— is about a 40-minute drive from Charlotte. You can reach the Queen City via two main highways: Interstate 77 and NC-16. But Charlotte isn’t the only other point of interest in the area. Other notable Lake Norman towns include Davidson and Cornelius, located along the eastern shoreline.

Speaking of Lake Norman, Sherrills Ford enjoys an enviable location right at lakefront, allowing residents to enjoy plenty of lake fun throughout the year. If you want a change of scenery, head west to Pisgah National Forest and South Mountains State Park, both of which offer high peaks, waterfalls, and rugged landscapes.

It’s a tight-knit and family-friendly community

Whether you’re raising a family or looking to be part of a community, Sherrills Ford is a great option. As of date, the town has a population of approximately 3,600 residents. You’ll meet a diverse group of people, from families and retirees to professionals from different industries (arts and media, sales, business, and finance, etc.). Despite the different backgrounds, there’s a common thread tying all Sherrills Ford residents together: the love for small-town, lakefront living.

Since most of Sherrills Ford real estate is owner-occupied, you can expect stability in the community, too. It’s wholly possible to make life-long friends here.

The weather is generally pleasant

Generally, Sherrills Ford’s summers are warm and humid. That means excellent weather for outdoor water activities during most of the year, with the best time being between mid-May to mid-June and mid-August to early October.

During the winter season, Sherrills Ford can experience snow for a little over three months from December to March. January typically experiences the most snowfall with an average of almost three inches. The rest of the winter’s snowfall average is roughly an inch, which makes shopping, holiday fun, and entertainment still possible during the cold months.

For the rest of the year, residents usually experience partly cloudy weather. The temperature seesaws from 32°F to 88°F for most of the year.

The local lifestyle is unbeatable

If you’re looking for a slower pace of life without compromising on modern amenities and other conveniences, Sherrills Ford is perfect. The lakeside has a significant influence on the local lifestyle, but other factors affect the high quality of life here as well. That includes its overall family-friendliness, proximity to Charlotte, and the presence of top-rated schools.

Proximity to top-rated schools

Ask any real estate agent and they’ll tell you that reputable schools are a reliable indicator of an area’s marketability, boosting its home values over time. But more importantly, good schools offer great value for your investment if you have children or plan to have some in the future.

Sherrills Ford falls under the bounds of Catawba County Schools. One of its  schools located within town is Sherrills Ford Elementary School, rated by Niche as the 4th best public elementary school in Catawba County. It garnered an average grade of A- based on the Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, state test scores, student and parent surveys, and other data sources.

There are lots of things to do

Although Sherrills Ford seems like a sleepy lakeside town at first glance, there are actually plenty of activities and attractions in and around the area. Here are some of them:

  • Water activities
  • Water sports built around Lake Norman are a must-try in Sherrills Ford. Lakeside establishments rent out kayaks, paddle boats, pontoon boats, ski boats, and jet skis among others. If a nice, quiet activity is your idea of a fun lake adventure, try fishing charters and tours.

  • Lake Norman State Park
  • About a 20-minute drive from Sherrills Ford, you can explore Lake Norman State Park’s massive 1,942 acres through several ways. You can enjoy biking on one of North Carolina’s most famous biking trails. If you prefer a longer stay, spend a night engulfed by nature in any of the 32 campsites for families or in a group campground open during the warm season. Children will enjoy the park’s free educational exhibits, including the paved Dragonfly Trail. It’s peppered with interactive panels that give information on the park’s flora and fauna.

  • Wine tasting
  • North Carolina’s climate is perfect for wine-making, which is why it currently ranks 11th among the largest wine-producing states in the United States. Less than half an hour away from Sherrills Ford are vineyards and wineries where you can discover your next favorite bottle.

    Some wineries near town include the award-winning Davesté Vineyards in Troutman. It covers 60 acres of property where you can find a tasting room and winery, among other things. There’s also the Davidson Wine Co. in Davidson, which boasts of delicious chef-inspired bites paired with their wines.

  • Mountain Creek Park
  • Soon to open in Sherrills Ford this year is Mountain Creek Park, a sprawling 606-acre attraction. It will include 18 miles of trails perfect for hiking, biking, and trail running, an adventure playground, and several sports courts and fields.

The real estate market offers fabulous housing options

Sherrills Ford real estate, small it may be compared to Charlotte, is filled to the brim with homes that are worth every penny. Prices vary widely, ranging from the low $100,000s to well over $3 million. On average, homes in Sherrills Ford are valued at around $525,448.

What can you find in the market? There are single-family homes, luxury properties, and vacant land in town. The most popular homes for sale in Sherrills Ford, NC, however, are lakefront properties that afford residents sweeping views of Lake Norman.

How to buy your first home in Sherrills Ford, NC

The good news about being a first-time home buyer is that you can avail  government-backed loans, tax concessions, and state programs. To finally purchase your dream home, follow these steps:

  1. Examine your finances
  2. Look at your current savings, regular expenses, income, and credit score. Most experts recommend that you should have enough money for at least six months’ worth of living costs after buying your home. Meanwhile, your credit score will determine how much money you can borrow from your preferred bank or lender. From here, you can get pre-approved for a mortgage, which will help you buy the home you love.

  3. Decide which type of home is right for you
  4. Different property types have their own unique set of pros and cons. Consider your lifestyle and needs and find their best matches among the homes for sale in Sherrills Ford, NC. Make a list of your ideal features including number and size of rooms, neighborhood, and architectural style.

  5. Submit an offer
  6. To ensure you’re making an offer that’s both competitive and within your budget, hire a local real estate agent with a demonstrated history of buying homes in Sherrills Ford. A professional can help you negotiate and get the best possible selling price based on market data. This way, you can get the most out of your hard-earned money.

  7. Conduct a home inspection
  8. Generally, home inspections are not required in North Carolina but are highly recommended. Apart from ensuring that the home you’re buying is worth the price, home inspections help you determine if the property is indeed safe and habitable.

  9. Start the closing process
  10. Once everything is deemed right after negotiations and inspections, you can prepare to close. Part of this process is securing title insurance, which is required in North Carolina. This protects your finances against covered claims against your title. Meanwhile, homeowners’ insurance, though not required, can protect you from costs incurred from damage. Depending on the policy package, this insurance may cover theft and natural disasters such as fire and windstorm.

It’s all about the location

As you search for homes for sale in Sherrills Ford, NC, location should always be a key consideration. Perhaps you want to live close to the town center or near the water. Is school proximity an issue? Perhaps your priority is having a scenic view outside your doorstep.

The definition of an ideal location is different for everyone. But at the end of the day, the most important thing is yourself. Your home’s location should best serve your needs and preferences. Besides your personal tastes, here are other factors you should consider:

  • Development
  • An area that has a healthy amount of development typically indicates a rosy economic future. Take note of infrastructure efficiency and commercial development, both in the present and future. This includes researching upcoming plans in the specific area you plan to buy and how these will affect livability.

  • What’s in the neighborhood?
  • Observe the surroundings as you look at properties. What’s in the area and what’s nearby? Do you prefer stately trees lining the sidewalk? Do the community spaces satisfy you? Does it get busy especially during the summer? If it’s beside a busy street, prepare yourself for potential noise and traffic. Remember: your neighborhood should complement your needs and lifestyle

  • Accessibility
  • For most residents, an ideal location is somewhere near amenities such as grocery stores, hospitals, and transportation.Depending on your inclinations, you might also want to live near recreational facilities such as parks, shopping centers, or restaurants.

A good location not only affects your quality of life, but the property’s home value. The actual home may lose value over time, but if the lot sits on a great location, your property will surely appreciate.

If you’re thinking of relocating to Sherrills Ford, NC, you couldn’t have found a better location. Imagine waking up every day to views of North Carolina’s largest manmade lake. This is Lake Norman, which features about 520 miles of beautiful shoreline. The lake offers fun water sports activities such as boating and fishing for both adults and children. With other outdoor activities like hiking and biking enjoyed by both residents and visitors, Sherrills Ford has also become a sanctuary for many people.

But natural beauty is only one of Sherrills Ford’s best features. You can also choose to escape in its main streets steeped in history. As you do, you’ll find a colorful array of small neighborhood shops, art galleries, and dining options.

Enjoying the benefits of being a homeowner

It’s still the American dream to own your home—a dream that’s made even better when your abode is in an idyllic location.  With the wide variety of homes for sale in Sherrills Ford, NC, it’s easy to see why homeowners abound in the area. According to Niche, 76% of residents in zip code 2862, which Sherrills Ford is part of, are homeowners, while 24% are renters.

Here are the advantages of having your own home:

  • A sense of pride
  • According to the U.S. Census, renters are four times more likely to move compared to homeowners. Meanwhile, a Realtor University study examined homeownership’s social benefits including civic participation, public assistance, decrease in crime rate, and property maintenance and improvement. Aside from having a sense of stability and security, homeowners take pride in passing on a fully paid property to their children.

  • Owning appreciating property
  • Local market trends may constantly change, but housing values have generally increased through the years. As populations continue to grow, people will be looking for homes to live in. A home may be a solid investment that guarantees returns if you’ve made a wise purchase.

  • Stable expenses
  • You may have to shell out a huge amount for upfront expenses when buying a home, but you only need to pay a set amount for a monthly mortgage if you’ve availed of a fixed-rate loan. On the other hand, renters need to deal with increasing prices each time they renew their contract or move to a new apartment.

  • Tax advantages
  • Homeowners enjoy tax breaks, which equate to substantial savings. Here are some of the tax breaks available, depending on your situation:

    • Mortgage interest deduction – Those who bought their primary or secondary home after December 15, 2017, and are on their first $1 million of mortgage debt can avail of this tax deduction. This lets you decrease your taxable income by the mortgage interest cost you’ve paid during the year. To claim this, you need to keep records and itemize your mortgage payments on your tax return.

    • Property tax deduction – Each year, the local or state government determines property taxes based on the value of your property. But because you’re a homeowner, you can note itemized deductions on your tax return. These deductions are costs that can be taken away from your adjusted gross income (AGI). Examples are necessary home improvements and home office expenses.

      Moreover, if you purchase a home in North Carolina, you may choose any of these North Carolina’s Property Tax Relief Programs:1) Elderly or Disabled Homestead Exclusion, 2) Disabled Veteran Homestead Exclusion, and 3) Circuit Breaker Homestead Tax Deferment Program.

    • Capital gains exclusion – In the future, should you decide to sell your Sherrills Ford home, you can keep some of the profits you’ve gained tax-free. Married couples can enjoy non-taxable capital gains of as much as $500,000. Meanwhile, a single person or a married couple filing individually can keep earnings of up to $250,000 with no tax.

  • Building equity
  • If you regularly pay your mortgage on time, your equity will eventually improve, meaning you’ll own more of the home. On-time mortgage payments also help you recover and improve your credit score. Just refrain from making big loans for at least half a year after taking out your mortgage.

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